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How Mrs Murray Saved The American Army Full Movie In Hindi Free Download

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During the American Revolution, Mrs. Murray (Miriam Nesbitt), a spirited American wife, pretends to welcome the British command into her home, While they gorge on

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original title: How Mrs. Murray Saved the American Army

genge: Short,Action,Drama,War

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After General Washington had gained his headquarters on Harlem Heights, a hurried dispatch arrived, stating that a large British force under General Howe and Governor Tryon were crossing Manhattan in order to cut off part of the army left to protect lower New York. Hastily summoning General Putnam, Washington orders him to bring the force to Harlem Heights. Putnam and his aide, Captain Bob, galloped down to New York, gathered up the command and started them on their hasty march to Harlem. Stopping at Mrs. Murray's house for a moment, they learn that General Howe is only ten minutes behind them and Putnam urges his men on, though Captain Bob is loath to leave his sweetheart, Faith, Mrs. Murray's daughter. Scarcely has the American army disappeared from view when the British come marching on. General Howe, dismounting, asks Mrs. Murray as to the whereabouts of the Americans. But that loyal woman merely states that they are far beyond pursuit and invites Howe and Tryon into the house to partake of some refreshments. This they do, and through the efforts of Mrs. Murray and her daughter, they spend two hours in a delightful visit. Meanwhile, the American army being safe, General Putnam is desirous to know what has become of his pursuers. Bob volunteers to find out, and meeting an old friend on the road, he borrows a suit of civilian clothes and thus disguised, presents himself to Faith. He finally persuades her to allow him to act as their servant in serving the British officers, and while they are drinking the health of their delightful hostess, he manages to steal a copy of their plans and hide it under the wine pitcher. The plans are missed, Bob signals Faith to take away the tray bearing the plans and submits to being searched, but his disguise being discovered, he strikes out boldly, and before the officers recover from their surprise, he has seized the plans and is safely beyond reach. He reaches Washington's headquarters somewhat disheveled, but triumphant, and is promptly rewarded for his bravery. During the American Revolution, Mrs. Murray (Charles Ogle). A picture in the series of Revolutionary incidents that the Edison Company is undertaking. It's a story of the retreat from New York. The American army had just passed Mrs. Murray's house when the British army arrives. She invites the officers in and entertains them. Meanwhile a young American officer, a friend of Mrs. Murray's daughter, comes back to the house and is told of the situation. He dresses up as a servant and brings in the tray of wine to the British officers and cleverly manages to get the map that they have made. They suspect him and he has to fight his way out. He carries the map safely to General Putnam of the American forces. The picture is well acted and very good entertainment, as well as being an instructive, educational picture. - The Moving Picture World, October 21, 1911


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